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Executive Chef: Vicente Burlaos

Meet The Chef

Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Coordinator, and the leader of our Culinary Team, is Vicente Burlaos.

Born in the Philippines, Vicente migrated to the US at an early age. Growing up on an island in the Philippines, he would go to the local farmers’ market with his family where he learned to appreciate fresh ingredients and what a difference they made in home cooked meals.

“Chef” is a Culinary Institute graduate who has honed his skills with various upscale international experiences. These include working with Intercontinental Hotels, Windjammer Cruises in Hawaii, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows in Hawaii. In addition he has catered to the stars in Nashville.

Unique for a hands-on Chef, Vicente frequently surprises guests by being seen in a suit supervising service “out front” where he is equally at home.

Vicente frequently takes the opportunity to impact the well being of the community, by participating in several charity campaigns and annual events. He uses his skill and creativity to build awareness of the restaurant by keeping the menu updated, uncomplicated and flavorful.

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